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Friday, February 2, 2007

The Great Grape Soda Experiment

Miss Cake and I went away for a weekend not that long ago, and in addition to demolishing way too many Cadbury caramel eggs, Rice Krispies treats, and "natural" Cheetos, we also performed an important taste test comparison on grape soda. The contestants were:
  • Diet Rite white grape
  • Classic Welch's
  • Stop & Shop house brand grape soda

These were the varieties available in cans. We also got a six pack of Dr. Brown's diet black cherry, just so we'd have something reliable to drink.

The results:

The Diet Rite white grape is excellent. It looks like ginger ale in color, so it's not embarrassing to drink in public. It's a little drier than other grape sodas, but still pretty grapey. And they use Splenda, so diet aftertaste is diminished.

Stop & Shop beat out Welch's on color, taste, and sweetness. Welch's is more artificially purple and a lot sweeter. And the Stop & Shop comes in cute little half-size cans, plus there is a diet variety.

Now you know the ugly truth.

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