"Bacon is the candy of meat."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

So good, so cheap

Well, given the abysmal state of the world economy, pretty soon I'll have to rename this blog "1001 Things To Do With Giant Sacks of Rice and Beans." But until then, at least I can practice the time-tested household frugality of actually eating up the leftovers before they turn into unidentifiable mush in the back of the refrigerator.

The other night I'd ordered a pizza and tossed salad from a local pizzeria, then never gotten around to the salad, which fortunately arrived with dressing on the side. I ended up making a tasty dinner for myself of the salad plus about a third of the giant bowl of excellent rigatoni bolognese (with fresh ricotta on top) I'd ordered for lunch and not finished. With that I had the last glass in a bottle of white wine we'd opened for Canadian Thanksgiving (referred to as "grown-up juice" by Baby Gateau) and the kids had pizza with an advance preview of the Halloween candy for dessert. Cheap! Good! Thrifty!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another dose of reality

We made a family trip to Whole Foods to pick up some stuff for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, plus things for a simple dinner at home (a nice jar of vodka sauce, some ziti, and the Whole Foods turkey meatloaf, that I remade into tiny meatballs and cooked in the sauce). As I was taking the baby out of the car, he said to me "Lindsey [his nanny] coming?" I said, "No, not until Monday." He said, "Evie [teenage babysitter] here?" Uh, I guess we've been going out too many Saturday nights.....

Anyway, the boys ate their ziti and meatballs with incredible gusto, so Mr. Gateau and I were trying to think of some similarly simple dinners that are quick to prepare and the kids will enjoy, but aren't too kid-like (for our benefit) and/or made of junk. Some ideas:

--chicken quesadillas with whole wheat tortillas, guacamole, salsa
--tacos or nachos made with the fancy organic taco shells or chips, turkey or buffalo meat, and decent quality fixings
--rotisserie chicken or any grilled/roasted meat with Near East rice pilaf and a vegetable
--chicken noodle soup
--chicken sausage and potatoes baked in one dish and served with grainy mustard
--beef stew or other crock-pot stew

Others? Anyone? Bueller?