"Bacon is the candy of meat."

Monday, August 6, 2007

The best thing to serve with bacon is.......bacon

We spent the weekend visiting with friends who are thoughtful enough to rent a beautiful summer house in the country each year so that their un-summer-housed friends can come to visit. Thanks, guys! This visit was a rousing success, if only because Young Master Gateau did not start vomiting upon arrival, as he did a few years ago. There was swimming, there was grilling, there was kid interaction, there was sitting around on the deck with alcohol, all the necessary components of a fine summer weekend.

And there were blueberry pancakes and THREE KINDS OF BACON, provided (and cooked) by Mr. Gateau. Sadly, this year we were not able to pick up the super thick-sliced uncured bacon that had handily won comparison with Niman Ranch's bacon two years ago, but we got the thinner version of the same, the Niman Ranch, and some nice peppered bacon. We meant to do a scientific study and determine a winner based on taste, appearance, and meat-to-fat ratio, but basically we were all so fried from the kids waking us up before the crack of dawn that we forgot. And ate it all. Without pause. So much for science, but HOORAY FOR BACON!


Dad said...

I've been wondering about something... this blog seems like a good place to ask. Can you grill bacon? We have a sleeve of pretty nice looking Boar's Head bacon in the fridge and I've had the temptation, the last couple of weekends, to try to actually grill a few strips. Possible, oh authority of all things bacon?

Mlle Gateau said...

Well, try it and let us know!

kayo said...

I tried grilling bacon wrapped hotdogs, and the bacon didn't exactly get crispy, but then I maybe wasn't exactly patient. I don't see why you can't grill it if you love the taste of smoky goodness.