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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another dose of reality

We made a family trip to Whole Foods to pick up some stuff for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, plus things for a simple dinner at home (a nice jar of vodka sauce, some ziti, and the Whole Foods turkey meatloaf, that I remade into tiny meatballs and cooked in the sauce). As I was taking the baby out of the car, he said to me "Lindsey [his nanny] coming?" I said, "No, not until Monday." He said, "Evie [teenage babysitter] here?" Uh, I guess we've been going out too many Saturday nights.....

Anyway, the boys ate their ziti and meatballs with incredible gusto, so Mr. Gateau and I were trying to think of some similarly simple dinners that are quick to prepare and the kids will enjoy, but aren't too kid-like (for our benefit) and/or made of junk. Some ideas:

--chicken quesadillas with whole wheat tortillas, guacamole, salsa
--tacos or nachos made with the fancy organic taco shells or chips, turkey or buffalo meat, and decent quality fixings
--rotisserie chicken or any grilled/roasted meat with Near East rice pilaf and a vegetable
--chicken noodle soup
--chicken sausage and potatoes baked in one dish and served with grainy mustard
--beef stew or other crock-pot stew

Others? Anyone? Bueller?

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mamele said...

great ideas!

my kids love mario batali's basic tomato sauce recipe (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/BASIC-TOMATO-SAUCE-107563).