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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Cookiestuffs Revival

Greetings earthlings!

Since last we posted, there have been many changes in the Gateau Family. We left Long Island and decamped for Vancouver, British Columbia in August. Now, instead of practicing law, I am a stay-at-home mother, with plans to resume work as a director and teacher of theater sometime down the road.

What this means in terms that might interest a reader of Cookiestuffs is that I am cooking CONSTANTLY. With three hungry (yet picky) sons and a more limited budget for eating out, we are eating most of our meals at home, and having more dinner parties with family and friends. With that comes a lot of fun and experimentation, but also a lot of daily grind and frustration.

My friend kayo from The Well (and founder and host of the fabulous chow.ind conference there) encouraged me to blog about my eating and cooking experiences, so here I am, again. I'll try to keep up this time, and also catch up a bit on what we've been eating and cooking since August.


marjorie said...

yay! i'm not a big commenter but i am a VORACIOUS reader and am thrilled you're posting again. the cake info was great (and cherry compote blood sounds awesome.)

Mlle Gateau said...

I'm glad you're there!

I am thinking I should open a business making "first period" cakes featuring cherry compote blood. There has to be a market for that, right?