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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sugar Overload

My 8 year old was invited to a Christmas party yesterday. Had it been me, I would have just brought a bottle of wine and gone happily on my way, but an 8 year old doesn't really have that option. So we decided to make gingerbread cookies, a joy to behold.

I always use the Gourmet Gingerbread Snowflakes recipe, which has you bring the sugars and spices to a boil, then adding baking soda to make a froth, before adding butter, egg, and finally the flour. The resulting dough is very pliable and completely unsticky, which is not something I can say about most gingerbread doughs I've worked with.

An astute reader will notice the Vulcan hands and the Starfleet badges, courtesy of the Trekkie in our house. The rest of the shapes were more traditional, but we really went to town with the frosting and application of every type of sprinkle we had in the house.

We've all seen any number of Pinterest pages of meticulously decorated cookies that display impressive art and craft, but honestly, I like these better.

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