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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is there a Mrs. Softee? And if there is, who does her hair?

I had my first Mr. Softee of the season today. (Mr. Softee, for those of you who don't live in or around the New York greater metropolitan area, is merely the best ice cream truck company in the world ever. Yeah, Good Humor can kiss my ass. You can read more about Mr. Softee here. You can also listen to the music at that link, but I'm afraid I can't say you'll be happy you did. It's a notorious earworm, and was also the subject of a somewhat nasty battle last year between Mayor Bloomberg, who said the sound constituted a nuisance, and the Mr. Softee guys, who, predictably, said it didn't.)

The first Mr. Softee of the season always makes me happy for several reasons: first of all, the ice cream is really pretty good. It beats the stuffing out of frozen yogurt, which doesn't have that same velvety mouth feel. Second, it means spring is finally here. Third, I get to flirt with the Mr. Softee boys, who are often cute. Finally, with Mr. Softee, I can eat ice cream without my cat standing next to me giving me sad eyes because she wants to lick the spoon.


laura-mac said...

Hey, Mlle. Gateau, would that avoiding the link to the Mr. Softee site could prevent the song earworm - damn thing got planted on Long Island in the sixties (Plainview, Huntington) and, it seems, will never ever ever let go.

just found your blog and am enjoying it - thoroughly!

laura-mac said...

oops! this was a Miss Cake post (so sorry, hadn't checked). Thanks for the heads up on the earworm!