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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thanks, Storck!

Kelly Cook of Storck USA, L.P. noticed our post about Riesen some time back and sent us a bunch coupons for Storck products. Thanks, Kelly! (Thanks also to Michael Phillips, who sent me a very nice letter.)

I myself am probably going to use my coupons to buy Toffifay, the best candy ever next to Riesen. I mean, they're these little cups! And each one has a whole hazlenut inside! Also, the packaging is ultra cute. (Years ago, they had a pretty funny ad with this motorcycle cop standing around eating Toffifay and singing a song containing the lyrics, "Toffifay/it's too good for kids!" I couldn't find the motorcycle cop ad, but there's another one from the same campaign, with the song, here.)

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Mlle Gateau said...

Oh Toffifay is amazing. Really, Storck has quite the collection of yummy stuff. Thanks, Kelly!