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Monday, September 10, 2007

Grande Fatbomb Italiana

Last night we headed down to the beach in our town for our annual pilgrimage to that celebration of fat and sugar, the local Grande Festa Italiana. They've got all the seedy carnival rides that make you wonder about inspection certificates and general liability policies, even as it's kind of thrilling to ride up on the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, you know, that sort of thing.

But the real purpose of going to the carnival is to eat all the horrible stuff that you aren't supposed to enjoy eating any more, but will never disappear because it's effing awesome. I speak, of course, of the corn dogs, the steak and mozzarella sandwiches on garlic bread, the candy apples, the blooming onions, the giant platters of red-sauced Italian dishes at the Sons of Italy tent, and of course, the greatest pleasure of all, fried dough, here in the form of the zeppole.

We limited ourselves to one bag for three of us, but it was hard, I tell you. If I'd gotten near the cappuccino/espresso tent, I am certain I would have been forced to get another bag. Not to mention the funnel cakes. And the "fried oreo zeppole," god help me.


Meg said...

Wow! That's still going on?!

Any kugle recipes you can share? The one in the NYT today looked great, but I seem to remember your mother has one too...

Mlle Gateau said...

Dude, they still have the same RIDES. Remember the one that has enclosed cars that spin around while the whole thing goes around and around?

My mother does a savory kugel, just noodles, eggs, sour cream, and lots and lots of sauteed onions, seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic.

Meg said...

That was practically the only ride I liked to go on.

Please, tell your mother I asked for the kugel recipe--sounds delish.

Mlle Gateau said...

From the horse's mouth:

16 oz. package of broad egg noodles, cooked
3 medium onions sliced and sauteed in canola oil
4-5 eggs blended with
1/2 pint sour cream
(and blend in a little of the onions)
season with salt, pepper, garlic powder
mix all together and pour into greased casserole (sprinkle a little paprika on top), bake about 45 minutes until browned

Meg said...

Sounds great. Tell her many thanks from me!